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We help you avoid the frustration of managing a waiting list by giving to access to a list of buyers looking for kittens in your area.

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Review the profiles of buyers looking for kittens in your area, including their preferences and answers to tailored questions.

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We automatically confirm with buyers that they are looking for a kitten so your list is always kept up-to-date.

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Your contact details are never shared with buyers so are kept out of the public domain. No more random calls from strangers!

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Our trusted breeders get free access to resources that distinguish your program as safe and trusted.

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Get an easy-to-update, professional profile that distinguishes your programme as safe and trusted.

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Give your buyers our exclusive kitten pack, containing recommendations on how to settle their new kitten alongside other tips and tricks.

Our Standards

How to become a trusted breeder

Every breeder in our community is screened. Here's how it works.

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Create a profile to showcase your breeding program to buyers.

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Verify your registration and health testing documents to give your buyers additional peace of mind.

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Our Expert Panel

We've partnered with experts in veterinary science and feline behaviour, utilising their combined ninety years of knowledge and experience, to create our screening standards.

  • Dr Jo Lewis

    MRCVS, Feline Vet & Author

  • Rosie Bescoby

    Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist

  • Dr Eleanor Mardell

    RCVS Specialist in Feline Medicine

  • Dr Susan Moreland

    Veterinary Surgeon & Bengal Breeder