Dec 15th, 2021

What should I consider when getting a pedigree kitten?

It’s really important for prospective cat owners to do their research. This is to protect the animals from unethical breeding practices, and you from being scammed.

The amount of information and advice out there can be overwhelming, so we’ve developed a simple guide to help you get started.

The right fit

While you may be immediately drawn in by a breed's beautiful or unique appearance, think carefully about whether you have the time and resources to provide a cat with everything they will need to be happy, and whether there are additional considerations for your lifestyle.

Should I consider rehoming a rescue cat?

Health and wellbeing

There are two areas to consider regarding cat health.

Genetic testing

Specific genes have been identified in some pedigree breeds in order to reduce the incidence of inherited health conditions in the gene pool. Those found to be carrying affected genes are neutered so they cannot be passed onto future generations.

At Pet Path, we are committed to ensuring genetic health screening is performed for all conditions where there is a strong scientific evidence base to do so. We have independently verified the results of these tests directly with the Langford Vets Diagnostic Laboratory to protect you from forged paperwork.

General health

During in-person visits from Pet Path, breeders have demonstrated they’re providing excellent levels of care to their animals to further support their physical and mental health. We support you through every step of the journey, reminding you of the basic observations you can make yourself while visiting litters too. Everyone is invited to provide feedback of their experience so we're able to follow up any concerns immediately.

Our Standards


New owners can only be sure a kitten is the breed it is being advertised as if they are provided with registration paperwork from a governing body, such as the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) or The International Cat Association (TICA). These bodies will have reviewed the parents’ pedigree (family tree) and determined they are purebred.

Unfortunately, popular online marketplaces will often have listings for kittens where no documentation is available; claiming paperwork is only required for animals intended for breeding, however this is not the case. A reputable breeder will never try to sell a kitten without registration documentation.

At Pet Path, all breeders’ registration documents have been checked during an in-person visit, so you can be sure they’re the real deal.